Why You Need to Include DOOH in Your IPL Advertising Strategy

DOOH Advertising

The Indian Premier League is not just a cricket tournament, it’s a cultural phenomenon that grips the entire nation in excitement every year. With millions of fans eagerly following their favorite teams and players, the IPL presents a golden opportunity for advertisers to connect with a highly engaged audience. In today’s digital age, leveraging DOOH Advertising can be a game-changer in maximizing the impact of campaigns for brands and advertisers.

Why DOOH & IPL are the Winning Partnership:

Seamless Multi-Screen Integrated Campaigns:

With millions of people going outdoors to enjoy the IPL Matches at Stadiums, Restaurants, and Fan Parks, there are endless opportunities for advertisers to make the most of the IPL season. Hotspots like restaurants see a 20-30% spike in footfalls during this season. Along with that, DOOH advertising also places your brand on large digital displays in high-traffic areas like malls, airports,  residential zones, tech parks, etc. capturing the attention of fans on the go, captivating them throughout their customer journey and day-to-day lives. This Omnichannel Advertising approach ensures you reach your target audience wherever they are, creating a comprehensive brand presence.

Hyperlocal and Multi-Lingual ADs are the Future:

With the IPL being watched by 450 million+ viewers in India alone and now being offered in 12 Different languages, advertisers are presented with a golden opportunity to tap into the immense potential of regional markets by tailoring their ads to match users’ language preferences. With programmatic capabilities, advertisers can target users with the help of demographic metrics, allowing multi-lingual ADs to be run seamlessly. Similarly, Contextual Hyperlocal ADs allow advertisers to get creative with their ADs using DOOH Screens at multiple touchpoints and clusters, enhancing consumer engagement and creating memorable experiences.

DOOH Advertising

Keeping audiences engaged with Match-Adaptive ADs:

The IPL provides advertisers with a golden opportunity to harness the power of Contextual Ads. By seamlessly integrating dynamic ads and messaging with live moments, scores, and other real-time updates, advertisers can become an essential part of the tournament’s excitement and buzz.

Counting down to the Match Days:

Clashes between Players, Intense Team Rivalries  Playoffs & more. Whether it’s a young, college-going student or a high-level corporate executive, everyone looks forward to these games. Making the most of the excitement and buzz surrounding these games by using customized messaging presents brands with an excellent opportunity to stand out from the clutter.

Match Day Mania:

Advertisers can now keep the fans engaged and involved with both the match and their brands using different programmatic features. Be it running your AD alongside a branded live scoreboard during the match at packed food courts in malls, or running dynamic creative messages based on match moments like 4s and 6s  during the match,  there are endless opportunities for advertisers to make the most of the IPL with DOOH, especially since 70% of viewers regularly check for match updates. HDFC Bank innovatively leveraged the brand scoreboard, seamlessly targeting young urban millennials at key locations.

Post-Match Celebrations:

Brands can join the fans’ celebrations by using targeted ADs, celebrating their cities or their sponsored teams’ victories with highly engaged fans. Relevant messaging combined with moment marketing can be a game changer for brands during this cricketing season using programmatic capabilities.

As the IPL Season unfolds, advertisers have a prime opportunity to leverage the power of DOOH advertising to maximize their impact and engage with cricket enthusiasts across India. With a proven track record of delivering tailored solutions, optimizing campaign performance, and driving impactful results, Lemma specializes in helping brands unlock the full potential of DOOH advertising.